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Biggest Outdoor Wedding Trend for 2021: Mobile Bars

Mobile bars were heralded as one of the key wedding trends for 2020 by WeddingBells Magazine, and with the rise of outdoor micro-weddings, receptions, engagement parties and even bridal showers due to covid-19, it's clear this trend is here to stay as we roll into 2021.

If you're looking to create an unforgettable night [big or small], why settle for the 'usual bar top or table' that most venues & caterers offer? Take it up a notch with a picture perfect mobile bar at your wedding and create a standout experience for you and your guests.

We sat down with our fellow mobile bar owners from across Canada to talk shop and some of the perks of including a mobile bar in your big day.

They Travel! Meaning More Flexibility In Your Planning

Don't get tied down, with a mobile bar servicing your outdoor wedding or party there's more flexibility, especially when you're in uncertain times. The team at Brews & Bubbles Van in Vancouver, B.C. can "literally role the party right up to your reception, rehearsal dinner, engagement party or shower". As with all vendor's you'll want to talk contingency plans for weather (and covid related rules); but rest assured, a bar that's mobile and a team that can quickly adapt mean added peace of mind.

A Stylish Addition & Photos Galore

Mobile bars create that 'insta-worthy' photo op and a gathering place for cocktail hours and throughout the night. "Micro-weddings are on the rise and couples are looking for unique ways to celebrate their special day. Mobile bars offer a turnkey and flexible solution. You can dress them up or down to match your aesthetic, creating a stylish addition to any celebration" says Toronto, ON based Carte Blanche Bar [that's us!] Plus tap bevvies mean saving on alcohol costs so you can splurge on decor.

Fun & Fresh

They are striking, fun, and help set the mood for guests. Let's face it, open bars make people happy! "Having a bar on wheels provides a special feature that elevates an event above the ordinary. Whether it's opulent, understated, or fun and fresh, no two events are the same" shares the team at Maiden Voyage in Kingston, ON.

Create A Unique Experience

Call it a 'drink-sperience". Shifting from larger weddings to more intimate gatherings and micro-weddings means couples can focus on creating experiences for their guests. Take Calgary, AB based The Prosecco Cart "our bar is often the first interaction for guests, and we're able to give them a little bit of entertainment as they discover, snap photos and then sip a chilled glass of bubbly. We help couples set the tone for their event, big or small!"

Customizable & Personal

Mobile bars are often owner operated, meaning we care! Take it from the team out east "We find there's a more personal touch versus going the traditional route where staff are not as vested in the couple. We get to know the couple, and are able to truly customize the experience and cocktails to match the vibe our clients are envisioning" shares Halifax, N.S. based The Thirsty Smuggler.

Eco-Friendly (and pretty of course)

If you're looking to green your wedding and host responsibly, eco-friendly tap trailers like The Bubble & Bus Co based in Victoria & Vancouver, B.C. are the sustainable option "Simply put, we have less waste by eliminating the need for bottles and cans [and their carbon footprint] Kegs are win for the environment and a win for the couple. Weddings have traditionally been known to be wasteful but a tap bars can alleviate a lot of packaging and waste" [more in this in our next blog series.]

Small Bars, Big Parties!

"Big or small, a mobile bar can instantly elevate and bring a space to life, especially the vintage ones!" says the team from The Traveling Tow Bar in Barrie, ON (we can definitely get behind that idea). Plus, fully customizable bar menus, decor and packages offered by all the bars on this list mean that you get exactly what you want, and your guests get an unforgettable atmosphere (and delicious drinks) to enjoy!

Although things might look a little different in 2020 & 2021, one thing is for sure. Love is not cancelled! If you're looking to create a memorable evening with guests raving about the drinks and decor - look no further then Canada's most darling mobile bars for that added wow factor.


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