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A Farmer, A Golden Falcon and Shawn Mendez. Our First Year On The Road Was Good As Gold.

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

It was a 5am wake up call and a mad rush to south western Ontario to beat a trucker by 15 minutes. We first found 'Goldie' online, amidst hours of searching. She was pretty beat up, and buried under several feet of snow in a farmer's field. To anyone else, they might have passed her by, but we saw potential. After a month of searching, we finally took the plunge. Jess had a newborn at home and Jen was slammed with work, but they knew they had to make it happen. With Scott at the wheel, he and Jen hauled a** to the middle of nowhere, and after a thorough inspection of the Golden Falcon, she was hitched-up and everyone was on their way back to Toronto.

Little did we know, in less than a month we'd be rolling 'Goldie' into place at District 28 for our first event with Save our Scruff and then landing on the set of Shawn Mendez's 'If I can't have you' music video shoot just a few weeks later.

From converting the trailer (stay tuned for our next post), to operating the taps & kegs, and towing her; it's been a whirlwind of a first year, and a massive learning curve. We've literally and physically covered a lot of ground, making our way across the province for golf tournaments, festivals, weddings, charity and private events. We're incredibly thankful for the support from our families, friends and the Ontario event industry. While many of us are feeling the impact of Covid-19 we continue to be inspired by our clients and followers as everyone pivots to address the new normal. So as we head into year two, we're thrilled to be announcing some fun new projects: Our HOME EDITION x Avissa Design & the picture perfect MINI EDITION 'Beau' for smaller events. We're back on the road for 2020 and booking 2021 as well! You can also catch us live on instagram with our WINEsolation series.


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